JMI Wickliffe

JMI Wickliffe is strategically located to
provide all repair & refurbishing services to towboats on the Mississippi & Ohio Rivers systems. 

Roger Shaw
JMI Wickliffe
209 Fort Jefferson Hill Road

Wickliffe, KY 42087

Mile Point 951.2 Lower Mississippi

JMI Wickliffe River Map

•  Strategically located at the junction of the
Upper and Lower Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
•  3 Dry Docks up to 3000 ton capacity

•  In-Water Repair Areas

•  Tug Service

•  Fleeting for Dry-Cargo Barges

•  Machine Shop

•  Spares Storage Area

•  Engine and Gear Repair Services

•  Warehouse

•  Fuel Storage & Tank Cleaning

•  Certified Marine Chemist / On-Site Safety Personnel