JMI Hahnville

JMI Hahnville is strategically located on the Lower
Mississippi River to provide fast turn-around repair services,
from small
repairs to major hull re-plating projects.

Tom Rogers
Scott Koenig
JMI Hahnville
15442 River Rd
Hahnville, LA  70057
Mile Point 125, Lower Mississippi River

•  Boat & Barge Repairs

•  2,000 Ton Capacity Syncrolift

•  3,500 Ton Capacity Dry Dock

•  3,000 Ton Capacity Dry Dock

•  Full Service Machine Shop/CNC

•  Wheel Shop

•  In-Water Boat and Barge Repairs

•  Fuel Storage & Tank Cleaning

•  Floating Crane Service

•  On-Site Safety Personnel